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This is the latest version of the engine showcasing the different panels and weapons etc.

There is still so much to do but so far we're very happy with how it is progressing...

Videos section!

In this video Magnus is grabbing the explosion animation frames that I created.

I have learned to arranged them better to save Magnus a job!

Magnus is grabbing the sprite graphics, again, I have learned how to place them better since this video was made.

There is a very good chance that this isn't the final sprite for the finished game.

This is a very boring video of me editing some tiles for the game. I promise to make the videos more interesting...and also I am sorry about the rogue cursor in this video, I have new capture and editing software, I was still learning how to use it when I made this. :D

This is a very small portion of the in-game panel. It's very much a W.I.P. There will be animated elements to the panels too. Panels. Plural. What can this mean?...time will tell... ;)

Introducing the Shopkeeper.

there may still be slight pixel changes in the future but this is probably the final design. He will have animated features and a unique way with words....

The shop screen W.I.P

There is still so much to do on this, little touches (very important) but this is the basic layout as is stands...

Keepr animates, little cogs turn... :)


This is a collection of .IFFs taken as I designed the Keeper and the Shop interface, from start to beginning, all put together into a sort of timelapse video. :)

A selection of mid-level enemies that the player will have to overcome in order to progress.


Last updated 05/02/2018

Donate/Support button added.

Facebook page link added.

Teaser trailer added.

Kickstarter question/answer added.

All donators will get a credit in the thankyou list in the game.

Scourge of the Underkind

Presenting a brand new game for all 1mb Amiga Computers!

Who? What? Why?

Hello! Welcome to the info page dedicated to development news regarding a brand new game for Amiga OCS (it will work on the rest too!). Scourge of the Underkind! Thankyou for taking time to come and visit my website to check this new game out. We thank you! Oh, who are 'we'? Well, I'm the graphician (I love that term, and I will be reviving the name of that role for this game).

The programmer on this project is an extremely talented Swedish gentleman by the name of Magnus Tegström (no stalking him on F.B please ;) ).

I found Magnus by stalking him on Youtube. I spotted his demo videos that were programmed for the Amiga 500 and wanted to contact him about a possible colaboration but thought better of it because I am just so busy with a ton of other projects...but he was so passionate about the humble 500 as was I. So I sent him a message proposing some sort of project, a simple dungeon crawler for the Amiga 500. 'Scourge of the Underkind' was born.

What is Scourge of the Underkind?

It all started with a video. I watched the maze pattern being created and thought 'how cool would a maze crawler be??'...and then the idea from that grew. Magnus and I happen to love the same games and so we drew inspiration from those.

Scourge of the Underkind will be a mash-up/tribute of/to games like Gods, Chaos Engine, Alien Breed...with aspects taken from a few other games. When you're playing it you'll know which games I mean ;).

It will also be 50hz scrolling. Super smooth. When I first got to test the engine it was the first time I had ever seen my graphics move so smoothly in a scrolling engine, and it's something I had hoped to see one day as my passion for the Amiga doesn't show any signs of dying any time soon.

I will be editing this page over time to add more information, w.i.p videos, drawings, anything I can think of that might be of interest (updates will be slow so I beg you for patience) so please bookmark this and keep stopping by for any news regarding release dates etc.

I have put together a F.A.Q section to help answer some of the questions that keep cropping up from interested people...please read on below for more information:


When will the game be out?

The game is coming along nicely now and we *hope* to have it ready for release in time for Summer, 2018.

What language is the game programmed in?

This game is programmed in Assembler.


Will there be a KIckstarter campaign?

No, there won't be I am afraid BUT there is an Indiegogo campaign that we are involved with. If successful we will be making an EXCLUSIVE Special Edition of Scourge for them and them only. This will NOT happen if the campaign is unsuccessful. For more details about this please head over here to know more:

Are you working on *REAL* Amigas or emulated via P.C?

We are working on emulated Amigas primarily, for ease more than anything. We both own real Amigas. I shall be creating some of the art on a real amiga when I get chance and then porting the art over to pc for emailing to Magnus for inclusion into the game. Testing is done on real Amigas.


Is this a 1 player game or can 2 players play?

1 Player only.

Will the player be able to choose from multiple characters as in The Chaos Engine?

No. There is only one main character to play as, this is his story.

How many levels will the game have?

There will be 4 'worlds' or levels, each with their own satellite levels only accessable by exploration. The game is designed to satisfy those who wish to play through as quickly as possible and also those who love to explored, although the exploration is going to be complication, so have a pad and paper ready to keep track of where you are. ;)

Will there be a 'shop' where the player can buy weapons?

Yes. One of our favourite aspects of old school games was the good old fashioned 'shop' where players could buy new weapons to use in the game.

Are you using Photoshop for the graphics or are you using an Amiga art package exlusively?

This game is 100% pixel art drawn on Deluxe Paint IV.

Why don't you use Personal Paint? Brilliance? Or some other such program?

I am sure they're all great programs, I like Personal Paint very much, I have never used Brilliance so for the sake of a productive workflow I am using Deluxe Paint IV as I am extremely familiar with it's controls...I don't have time to learn an entirely new art package. Deluxe Paint is more than I need. :)

How much will the game cost when it comes out?

The game will be ***FREE!!!!***

Magnus and myself love Amiga, so we're doing this as a gift to the community. Because we're nice like that.

Some people want a physical copy, will you be making a physical copy for people to buy?

We have chatted about this possibility and yes, we're going to release a CD version of the game that contains the .ADF of the game and a manual, we might stick a few exclusive videos on there for you too, we'll see. I have also looked at the possibility of an Amiga Big-Box edition with manual and floppy disk but the quantity of these produced will be strictly limited edition and likely to be expensive.

How much will the game be when it's released?

For the CD version we're looking at about £15 plus shipping. The Amiga Big-Box edition is likely to be a lot more expensive than that, more in the region of £50 but that will come with a cd copy of the game, a poster and of course the floppy and manual.

Where can I pre-order?

You can't...for now. Chances are we'll wait until we're very close to release before we open things up to pre orders. The Amiga Big Box version will be produced to cater for orders only so when we're in a position to get those made we will open pre-orders on those as well as the CD.

Will there be a special version for the CD32/1200?

No, we're sorry but no. Magnus and I are developing this specifically to run on an A500 machine with 1mb expansion. Currently this development takes a lot of time as it is but to develop essentially a second version will add to the workload in a way we haven't planned nor discussed. Our goal is to create a really good game for A500s...personally I am a never say never type of guy, so who knows what the future holds, but for now this game is exclusively for A500 machines.

Will this game even work on a 600 or a 1200?

Yes! Well, this is our plan. Testing will happen and confirmations given soon, so far all testing works just fine.

Why are you using only 16 colours?

I have always wanted to work on an Amiga game with 50hz scrolling but in order for us to do that with this game I had to work in 16 colours. I could have worked in 32 colours and shown what I could do with that number of colours but that would've meant the scrolling would be 25hz and that wasn't something neither Magnus nor myself wanted so the design decision to use just 16 colours was made.


I am an internet know-it-all and I am going to tell you how best to make your game despite not knowing anything about how you're making your game. Can I influence you in any way or the way you're approcaching making an entire game?


Will there be a CD.TV version?

I am not sure about this, I would love to say yes but only if this task was an easy one. Please remember, when we started this we only envisaged this working on 1mb Amigas but not the CD side of things, it just wasn't on our mission.

Of course we will try to satisfy as many Amiga users as possible but if this strays into too much time making things like this workable then I am afraid we don't have that time but we will do our best.

Will there be a difficulty setting?

Yes, there will be something in place to control the difficulty. Maybe a simple easy / medium / hard option. Maybe hardcore too. who knows....even a super hardcore. :)

Will there be in-game music?

Yes! There will be music! Provided to us by Vedder and Triace of Insane demogroup. They have written a few tracks so far that sound amazing, and they have very strict limits on the amount of memory they can use...16Kb.

The music has a very chip-tune feel to it, but they sound incredible and we can't wait for you to hear them!

Will we be able to save the game?

There will be a password system, similar to that used in other games to store game data (money, level, keys etc)

I want the engine to experiment with, can I have the source code?

No. The game will be free, the code and various other assets are not. Sorry.

I want the graphics. Can I have them to experiment with for my own projects/fun?


We want to convert your game to other platforms for you, can we?

Thanks for the offer but Magnus and I will be handling any conversions to other platforms.

I want to help, can I do some graphics/code/other such additions to the game?

Firstly, thankyou. This is a hard one to say no to but our team is small and we have a great working relationship and between myself and the programmer all bases are covered with programming, design, art, sound and music, packaging, graphic design and everything else. As much as we appreciate offers of help (we REALLY do) we literally have everything covered. It may take us longer to create a game but with just the 4 of us we don't have to worry about pleasing more than 4 people regarding the design of various aspects of the game.

Secondly, if there ever comes a time when we need an extra team member we will advertise in the various Facebook Groups or various Amiga forums online.

That's it for now!

More to come very soon!

Thanks for reading!

Magnus Tegström and Wayne Ashworth. 

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