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I got myself a boxed copy!

Well, I worked with a friend to create a box for this game. I have picked his brains for his secrets and will be making my own version as I own pretty much everything I need to recreate a box like this and some of my original game disks for Amiga are missing boxes, so this will help me display them on a shelf.

The box is VERY sturdy, moreso than the original game boxes.

I am really REALLY pleased with how this box came out, it's something I have always wanted for Renegades so now I can have our nicer Renegades Deluxe boxed and on display. :)

Click on image to enlarge...

For news regarding a BRAND NEW game for Amiga click on disk...

Welcome to my Amiga page!

Presenting Amiga Games Award 2014 runner-up for AmigaOS 68k


It has taken 3 years of on and off work to finally see this through to completion.

We now have a final version ready to offer the Amiga community.

Why now, after all this time?

I had to go back to working on Renegades because I felt that I could have made it look a ton better than I did back in the day. I didn't devote my full attention to the graphic work as I should have done and I always wanted to fix that and create new maps for the game as well as add a music track to the title screen which Marcus Becker very kindly allowed us to use, his tracker mod was perfect and I badgered him so much to obtain his permission to add it to our game, I was over the moon when he agreed as it was just perfect and sets the mood just right.

Those wanting to hear a high def version of his track 'Use Your Right' can head over to his Soundcloud and hear not only that but many more of his tracks:


Getting the programmer to come back to this project after so many years originally and then after so many stop and starts was very difficult as we both have our lives to live and finding time to create this was tricky. Luckily for me my final push has given us the drive to see this through to completion.

I am looking into the possibility of creating map-packs for this game with their own tilesets for the future.

The spirit of Amiga P.D:

In the spirit of Amiga P.D I have made a Paypal support button to anyone wishing to show their appreciation for our game.


**EDIT** Thankyou to the donators! You're extremely kind!

Download the .ADF below by clicking on the disk:


2 players required to play this game

If using WinUAE please use Kickstart 39.106 to fix the interlace issue (many thanks to John Kayanas for the help)

** 1 MEG RAM **

For those wanting a CD32 ISO FILE, please click HERE

A special thankyou has to be given out to Vince White, and especially Graham Thompson and others who helped us complete this project when our options were limited, your efforts are greatly appreciated. I hope I can work with you again one day, Graham's work on the CD32 ISO was fantastic! We only wished we had time to do the CD32 version justice! 

List of changes to the original:

  •     No 'Made in Amos' screen, instead it's 'Pickups explained'
  •     New title screen artwork
  •     New titlescreen music by Marcus Becker
  •     New character selection screen
  •     New character selection graphics
  •     Slightly tweaked character stats
  •     New in-game screen
  •     New tileset
  •     New maps
  •     Jammed doors
  •     Fake walls
  •     Random pickups that vary each time you play the map
  •     Injury (more injured walk slower)
  •     Bleeding when injured.
  •     Randomised 'Winner' and 'Loser' messages.


If you download this game and play it and enjoy it, especially if you're playing against a friend please could you record footage of your battles and upload to Youtube or some other streaming website please?

I am hoping to share those videos here.

Thankyou :)

Original 1995 version

This version was circulated a VERY long time ago and can be found on many Amiga sites including

Renegades Deluxe (W.I.P)

This video was recorded back when it was going to be a H.D only game, before I pushed for a single .ADF version..

A very quiet video of me editing a map for Renegades Deluxe using our custom map editor program.

Signed prints of 'Diskhead' are available here.

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