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For those that don't know I am a huge retro computing fan, especially the Amiga computer.

I still use my 1200s even now to create pixel art for modern games and also Amiga specific games.

With the help of the original programmer I re-released an old title for the Amiga that we made in the 90's...to read more about that or to just read about my random wafflings please click the above link.


I was born in 1974 in the town of Preston in Lancashire, England and I have always loved art.

I am a self-taught colourblind artist with a passion for details and the quirky.

My earliest memory of being utterly blown away by art was seeing the

poster for the movie Back to the Future by Drew Struzan. I remember wondering how it was possible to paint something so good. I saw lots of art that did that to me and because all I ever knew was to draw or paint I knew that deep down I wanted to be an artist.

When I was at high school I was told by my careers advisor that I wouldn't be able to go into the arts because of my colourblindness. Instead of going into the arts he suggested I should become a florist or a landscape gardener.

I think he may have been drinking.

So I left school and got a job (not a florist or gardener) and sketched in my spare time.

Time went on and I sketched and painted and didn't really take it seriously, I was just doing the odd commission here and there for family and friends and then the trailer came out for Star Wars The Phantom Menace and that's when everything changed.

I had been studying acrylic paintings, experimenting with paint and it's behaviour on paper and on canvas and all I could think about was that Star Wars trailer, as a fan of the original trilogy I was so excited and couldn't wait. If was then that I decided to put into practise what I had been studying and that's when I produced my first serious painting: Darth Maul. I then went on to paint Lord Maul and shortly after that The Phantom Menace movie was released...and any Star Wars fan will tell you how that felt.

I have since gone on to have my work in exhibitions and my digital work has appeared in many computer games.

I don't like flower arranging anyway.

Favourite artists

(in no particular order):

Drew Struzan

Dan Malone

Mark Raats

H.R Giger

Norman Rockwell

Josh Kirby

Paul Kidby

Eddy Newell

Adrian Smith

Paul Bonner

Lee Stevenson

Alice Fukcing Glytxh

David Kennedy

This list is extensive (in my head) and I will add to it as time marches relentlessly forward, if you're not familiar with any of the names on this list please take the time to look them up or to click on the links to their blogs/pages etc when I get time to add them.

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