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I am co-creating a brand-new game for Amiga computers!

Posted 25 February, 2016


Those who know me really we know I love the Amiga computer. Those who know me REALLY really well know I still use Dpaint regularly for pixel-art and have wanted to go back to making a game for Amiga for years. A couple of years back I went back to an old game that Kevin Darbyshire and myself worked on called Renegades, we made the deluxe version which can be found here.



I have wanted to make something new for a very long time but cannot program for toffee...so it's quite by chance I happened to find the video channel on Youtube of a one Magnus Tegström...there I saw various videos showcasing Magnus' talents with the 1s and 0s...and so I shot him a message regarding a colaboration of some kind...so now we're properly involved in a brand new release for Amiga OCS (Original Chip Set for non-amigans here).

For more information please click here.






I have a branched out into designing t-shirts!

Posted 02 September, 2015


I recently caught wind of a great site for publishing designs on tees called Teepublic.com off a friend who runs the Live For Films website/Facebook page. So I decided to design some tees exclusively for Teepublic. You can get them here:



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