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There's a new print available in my shop!

Posted 20 March, 2016


A good couple of years ago now I got chatting to author A.S Chambers about the possibility of illustrating a cover for one of his very popular novels.

Luckily for me he was very happy about such a collaboration and so I produced the cover for his latest novel The Shadows of Lancaster.


If you like your novels with a hint of horror and the supernatural about them I can recommend reading his books!


Follow A.S Chambers on his Facebook page here.

Purchase his books here.


Anyone wishing to purchase an A3 signed print of the cover art can do so from my shop.



I am co-creating a brand-new game for Amiga computers!

Posted 25 February, 2016


Those who know me really we know I love the Amiga computer. Those who know me REALLY really well know I still use Dpaint regularly for pixel-art and have wanted to go back to making a game for Amiga for years. A couple of years back I went back to an old game that Kevin Darbyshire and myself worked on called Renegades, we made the deluxe version which can be found here.



I have wanted to make something new for a very long time but cannot program for toffee...so it's quite by chance I happened to find the video channel on Youtube of a one Magnus Tegström...there I saw various videos showcasing Magnus' talents with the 1s and 0s...and so I shot him a message regarding a colaboration of some kind...so now we're properly involved in a brand new release for Amiga OCS (Original Chip Set for non-amigans here).

For more information please click here.


I have a branched out into designing t-shirts!

Posted 02 September, 2015


I recently caught wind of a great site for publishing designs on tees called Teepublic.com off a friend who runs the Live For Films website/Facebook page. So I decided to design some tees exclusively for Teepublic. You can get them here:

3 new prints available for purchase over in the shop!

Posted 24 August, 2015


I have been working hard lately, not only on this website but also on new work that will be available very soon via the shop, but for now I have 3 new prints available for purchase...


New geek website launched...with an interest in yours-truly!

Posted 24 August, 2015


A friend recently started up this quality movie/geek/nerd website and it's superb. If you like your movie news, interesting articles relating to movies you really need to pay the site a visit...you won't be disappointed. They also have a Facebook page for those wanting to see articles appear in their feed, and lets be honest, with the amount of crap that appears in the F.B feed these days we could do with some positive and up-lifting articles to read. Find their Facebook page here or click the banner to be taken to their spiffing website...

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